Supply Chain Security (CTPAT, AEO (OEA), BASC, TAPA, ISO 28000)

Thefts to the transport of merchandise are on the rise throughout the country, generating significant losses due to insurance payments and due to failure in timely deliveries, in addition to unfair competition from the sale of goods at lower prices in the illicit market.

Currently, companies are required to have certifications in Supply Chain Security Programs such as BASC, AEO (OEA), CTPAT, TAPA, ISO 28000, among others, under penalty of not qualifying as suppliers. In addition, the risk of contaminating shipments with drugs or other smuggling is more than present and of consequences that can be disastrous for some companies, not only because of penalties but also for damage to their image.

For companies that do not qualify for a certification and that serve certified companies, they are required to meet the security requirements that apply to their business, this allows them to be reliable in their services.

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