Physical Security and Loss Prevention in the Company

All companies experience at least 5 percent of the value of their sales in losses of tools, raw materials and finished products (ACFE). The problem is that when these situations are not thoroughly investigated and solved, through the design and implementation of robust Security processes, wicked collaborators and contractors will consistently increase the amount of robberies and fraud, until the company is in trouble, damaging also its image in face to its customers and shareholders.

Among other services we offer you are:

  • Act as your External Consultant on Security/Loss Prevention issues.
  • Design of Loss Prevention Management System based on Business Processes (with ASIS criteria).
  • Risk Management (ISO 31000).
  • Design of Security/Loss Prevention in your Organization.
  • Internal Security Surveys and Physical Security Audits (Loss Prevention).
  • Security Audits to Critical Suppliers.
  • Public Safety Studies as the basis for your Strategic Planning.
  • Crime Index Studies prior to the construction of new Plants, Offices, Warehouses, etc.
  • Advisory for the administration of Private Security services in your Company.
  • Design of Processes, procedures, metrics and indicators of Security/Loss Prevention.
  • Protection of expensive parts / components that are easy for theft.
  • Design of new buildings with a Physical Security and Loss Prevention approach.
  • Studies of requirements of electronic protection systems and their sale.
  • Security Skills Development.
  • Security Strategies and Objectives Definition.
  • Development of Loss Prevention / Security Culture at all levels in your Organization.
  • Training for your Executives and Collaborators.