Business Coaching

Companies experience, among other challenges, the following: macroeconomic uncertainty, international and national government decisions that may affect them, technological revolution, national and international competition; These challenges, at once, represent opportunities and threats. Differentiation in its strategic vision, in its processes and in its human capital, constitute means to compete successfully in the current environment.

Among other services, we can support you with:

  • Integration and organizational alignment (cultural elements, organizational structure, metrics / KPIs, organizational learning, management: executive, manager, of processes, information and risk control).
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Diagnosis of Organizational Culture.
  • Analysis and risk assessment with your team of experts.
  • Design and implementation of your Management System based on Business Processes (BPM).
  • Definition of Business Policies and Norms.
  • Administration by Objectives.
  • Design and implementation of a Business Ethics Program.
  • Design of your Internal Audit Department.
  • Design of your Purchasing Process looking for fraud prevention and to become an entity of income contribution to the business.
  • Auditability of your information management processes.
  • Design and implementation of a skills development program aligned with your business strategies.
  • We design and develop courses according to the needs of your Company.